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Business monitoring and evaluation tools

TOOLS For your businesses

Every business today is facing challenges in reducing costs, driving productivity and improving process efficiencies.

We at Adjectus help you in complete transformation influencing lowering of the processing costs through a combination of technology and outsourcing. We, at Adjectus, provide services right from Brand Assurance to Vendor Onboarding to Payments and further to Invoice Archival with a complete alignment to your supply chain needs through a well versed technology integration.

We have tools which makes life easier for businesses to monitor and evaluate gaps in keeping their quality, standards and scalability intact.


  • Invoice Scanning and Tagging
  • Automated reading supported by world class OCR solutions
  • On demand cloud access for real time MIS
  • Workflows customized to client needs
  • Expense specific Enablement of 3 way, 4 way match
  • Client specific policy enablement
  • APIs for system integration
  • Real time MIS and automated reminders

A – Collect

  • Invoice Categorization

  • Communication tracking

  • Automated Dunning customized to client needs

  • Workflows customized to client needs

  • Client specific credit policy enablement

  • Reconciliation and resolution recording

  • APIs for system integration

  • Real time MIS and automated reminders


  • Vendor Master Management

  • Customizable vendor data fields

  • Vendor rating

  • Vendor prioritization

  • Vendor categorization

  • Share of Business Management

  • Document Management

A – BAssure

  • Client customized questionnaire

  • Client specific corporate and regional structure

  • Customizable Answers

  • Customizable question rating and scoring

  • Evidence collection

  • Mobile driven audits

  • Geo tagging and fencing

  • Real time dashboards

A – Survey

  • Customized questionnaire

  • Customized answers

  • Flexible sampling

  • OTP Validation

  • Geo Tagging

  • Dynamic reports

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