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Fixed Asset Management

Ensuring the optimization of Working Capital

Fixed Asset Management Service

Fixed Asset Management is a secretarial process that seeks to track Fixed Assets for valuation, Financial Accounting, Precautionary Maintenance & Theft Protection.

Similarly, physical verification & reconciliation of Inventory is also required for ensuring the optimization of Working Capital 

At Adjectus we believe in Transforming the Fixed Asset Tracking mechanism – Digitalized & Automated

At Adjectus, our tracking module provide complete Fixed Asset & Inventory Verification solution for your Organization. This enables users with a comprehensive &cost – effective audits.

At Adjectus, our depreciation Module help in simplifying the Depreciation calculation of the Assets as per the GAAP or as per standards defined by Users.


 “BAsset” Tool

With the help of automation tool, we make it simple to keep track and management of assets and inventory across the Group Companies.

The tool help in Asset Tagging, Tracking & Reconciliation and thus reduces the Human Effort in Tracking & Reconciliation.


  • Tagging & Reconciliation
  • Asset Transfer Management
  • Disposal management
  • User Management
  • Data Capture: Date, Time, Asset Photo, GPS location of asset verification


  • PAN INDIA Asset Verification Team
  • Experienced backend Team
  • Asset Depreciation Module
  • Handling FAR in standard ERP’s
  • Barcode, QR Code & RFID Technology
  • Asset Geo Tagging
  • FAR Reconstruction
  • Asset
  • Grouping and split


Administration Cost:

  • Proper asset management helps to track and reduce asset loss and utilize your assets
  • With proper asset management, your administrative costs are naturally lower because your administrative personnel don’t need to track or hunt down assets manually.


Ensure Accountability:

  • Without proper asset tracking, it’s difficult to properly identify loss or manage the assets.
  • Proper asset management is also essential to knowing where assets have been allocated; otherwise, assets could potentially get lost in the system itself.


Accurate Asset Management

  • Through asset tracking, it’s easy to know the exact location of the company’s assets. 
  • It’s easy to recover complex transactional information regarding the company’s assets and get real-time reports regarding the position of each asset


FAR Reconstruction

  • Quantitative control & matching of physical assets vs. Fixed Asset Register
  • Assigning unique identity to assets in form of barcode for better tracking & control
  • Identification of assets retirement & asset capitalization
  • Correcting the physical location of assets vis-a-vis to capitalized location

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