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Account Receivable & Recovery Services

GRC is the integration of activities that enable organisations to manage risk effectively, prepare for uncertainty and act with integrity.

Account Receivable & Recovery Services

The cash flow is of utmost importance to any business, which is administered with accounts receivable services of an enterprise. A business handles multiple operations from acquiring customers, delivering products to efficiently extending services. An inefficient account receivable can majorly affect the turnaround time and levy debts on the business.

The prime focus and the end goal of any business are to maintain cash flow and earn maximum profits. Accounts receivable outsourcing services companies ensure that maximum output is derived from the amount spent on accounts receivable service.

Your trusted Accounts Receivable Partner

ADJECTUS extends adept accounts receivable outsourcing services with the best collections efficiency and accuracy supported by best in class technology solutions. A company’s lifecycle is dependent on its cash flow, so maintaining cash flow is integral to every business. Outsourcing service providers assist clients in maintaining sturdy cash flow and offer multiple facilities related to accounts receivable processes. We are a leading account receivable outsourcing firm as we understand the significance of customer relationships.

We employ professionally trained staff enabled by technology solutions that takes care of the receivable service to minimize the chances of errors. Our due diligent team of in-house experts accommodates people with all different expertise. From collections, credit receipts to applications along with payment terms our team handles every accounts receivable outsourcing process with expert capability. We have a reputation for generating outstanding invoices, discounts, negotiations, with debtors which in turn escalate the cash flow of the business.


  • Customer Billing
  • Invoice Confirmation
  • Customer Communication
  • Reminders and Follow-up
  • Collection Accounting

Reconciliation &
Overdue Management

  • Reminders and Follow-up
  • Ledger Reconciliation & Resolution
  • Customer Communication
  • Collection Accounting

Recoveries &

  • Client Communication
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Litigation Support
  • Collections & Accounting

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