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Mystery Shopping

Most of the brands strive to achieve a two-tier objective of higher growth and market share. One of the inputs to achieve either or both of these is by increasing the penetration in the market which is largely possible today by increasing the number of channels through which a brand sell. In a view to increase selling channels, multi-brand retail has become the order of the market and competition traction, hence predominantly defines the growth & market share for a brand.

Retail audits, also called Store Visits or Store Inspections, drive higher compliance with brand standards at store level. They increase sales and profit margins, boost customer satisfaction and cut business risks. An audit allows head office to guarantee company standards, programs and policies are deployed in full, on time, in every store.

We at Adjectus help our clients by conducting Mystery Shopping & other Retail Audits, to provide them with information which would help them in formulating relevant strategies & execute corrective actions where required

The most important part of a retail audit is to prepare a proper checklist. Basis our experience we have designed the form basis the best practices, conditional items, critical items and action plan recommended.

This checklist helps us to identify the variances at store level and further shared with the District or Area Managers.

We at Adjectus help our clients in Discovering the Problems, Recovering the problems through providing solution, Reporting the problems through digital transformation.

During a retail audit, you’ll uncover insights such as:

·        Stock levels

·        Inside & Outside Store Branding

·        Calculations on visual retailing and in-store presentations

·        Position of shelves, quantity of frontings, number of SKUs available, misplaced/incorrect shelf tags

·        Price & Promotion Tracking

·        Photographs that allows you to build a full in-store picture