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Is Mystery Shopping really better than Online Reviews?

Online feedback from customers is indeed valuable; however, it’s not the only way – or the best way – to find out how your business functions while you’re not there.

Assuming you complete your due diligence when selecting a mystery shopper company, these professional services can provide you with the detailed insight you need to make the processes, protocol & hiring decisions better. While mystery shopping can still be a part of your customer experience management activities, it plays a pivotal role as an auditing parameter of minimum service standards.

In addition to offering a fresh take on service, professional mystery shoppers bring a lot to the table that online customer reviews don’t. A major issue with using online customer feedback to inform future decisions is a lack of Industry Knowledge with the reviewer. on the other hand, Mystery shopping is all about valuable customer feedback. While email and in-store surveys on the backs of receipts can give your company a broad picture of customer satisfaction, mystery shopping goes further by providing unbiased information about the complete “look & feel” of your company at a deeper level.

A well-designed and executed mystery shopping program provides you with information a company representative could never gather themselves. It sheds light on what your business is to your customers in an unfiltered, (and most importantly) measurable way with the ultimate goal of adjustment to right any wrongs that surfaced during the assessment. Mystery shopping can also provide complete insights on how your employees are interacting with customers when the manager or supervisor is not around.

Mystery shopping services employ high-tech methods for capturing information and for verifying and standardizing the mystery shopping process, which means better data for SMBs. Many companies now utilize geo-tracking to ensure mystery shoppers are going where they say they’re going, and most QA reports are now submitted via mobile applications, which means SMBs get shoppers’ feedback faster. Inputting QA information in an app, rather than writing it out or filling out a stagnant web form, also allows the business owners who hire mystery shoppers to request very specific feedback. This innovative approach to mystery shopping has strengthened customer relationships and transformed the in-store experience for both retailers and their shoppers. Retailers report receiving deep operational insights at a much lower cost while seeing a significant rise in customer satisfaction, loyalty, and financial performance.

It is well-founded, conducted according to objective and verifiable criteria. Then it provides your company with reliable results.

Since appropriate skills are required for professional execution, it is advisable to rely on specialized service providers for the implementation.